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“I had the pleasure of having Keith represent me as a seller and then as a buyer. He helped me sell my old condo and helped me upgrade to a new one in a highly desirable and competitive market—all in a span of a little over two months. (The day after I had sold my old property, he helped me put in an offer on a new one.) I was so impressed with Keith! He is uncompromisingly professional, competent, trustworthy and customer service oriented. What especially stands out for me about Keith is his impeccable negotiation skills. He helped me net about $10,000 in seller credits on the home I bought. Wow! Keith is the real estate professional you would definitely want on your side in competitive situations. He is a good man and is very easy to work with. I highly recommend Keith and would not hesitate to use his services again in the future."

                                   -- Eugene Mariano

“Keith and I have known each other for the last 16 years and he is my go to real estate professional when I and my friends want to buy properties.  With his great experience he first understands what your real needs are and makes your experience great by selecting the right location and house.  On many occasions he has stopped us from selecting the wrong house and he has ensured that buyers picked the house they  would be happy with forever.  Either it is investment property or one for your own, he is the right professional to go with.  I and my friends will always go to him and will refer him when it comes to buying real estate. I rate him 5+ Star.  Thanks Keith for your great service.”

                                                     -- Ashok Rao

"I have known Keith and worked with Keith on both the buy side and sale side and he is a true professional.  His attention to detail is second to none in a profession where there is a wide variation in skills.  I had some recent misfortune whereby my wife and business partner passed away unexpectedly and hence was required to Short Sell one of my homes.  Keith took the lead and was responsible for the entire transaction.  It went very smooth and was completed in a timely manner and to all parties satisfaction.  I would highly recommend him for any Real Estate needs you may have."

                                                                                                                                                             -- Gary F.

"We were introduced to Keith Bergevin by a friend's referral, and were more than satisfied with the results.  To name just some of the pluses, Keith was a hard-working buyer's agent for us, showing homes in the late PM in some cases.  He replied immediately in almost all communications and was constantly available, especially by texting.  When it mattered most -- offering on a home competitively -- Keith was focused and intense.  Due largely to a good bidding strategy on his part, we ended up with a great house at a very reasonable price.  Lastly, Keith is interesting to talk to about economic matters, as apparently he is well-read on real-estate investing.  The good discussions matter a lot when you go on many home shopping trips with an agent.


Here are the two intangibles that we appreciated most about Keith.  The first is his calm manner of balancing everybody's interests, thereby creating a reputation for himself that then serves the client in the long run.  You might be tempted to say that an agent should only look out for your selfish interests, but such agents actually frequently lack the credibility to deliver the goods at the critical times.  For the knotty problems that WILL come up during a complicated transaction, Keith builds up sufficient gravitas and command to cut through them.


The second intangible is that he gives sound advice.  Why do most agents give (IMHO) poor advice?  Because they are overly focused on liability and risk (frankly, probably due to their lack of knowledge).  I heard that Keith has a background of legal education, but it seems to give him a realistic view rather than a "proctological" view ("gee, what's the worst that can happen?").  I personally cannot stand working with overly risk-averse agents, as they end up dispensing biased and poor advice while trying to cover their own rears.  In sum, Keith is a stand-out among all agents I have ever dealt with.  No question, I will go back to Keith for my future transactions."


                                                                                                                                                                                       -- Mark Cao

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