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A Bergevin Beautification is . . .

Taking a property from this . . .

To this.

        While it is common knowledge that a property should be presented for sale in a clean and de-cluttered condition, many homes often need to be refreshed with new carpet, paint, and staging.  And, in some cases, homes would benefit from major updating.

​        How much should a seller invest in preparing their home for sale?  Well, the answer is, it depends.  While some agents routinely stage properties when it is unnecessary, others list without proper attention to listing preparation.  Agents must understand how to achieve the optimal return on investment.

        Striking the right balance between increasing the value of your home, while not spending more than the projected increase in your home value requires consideration of numerous factors.  It can seem a bit confusing, but I am happy to meet with you to discuss how to maximize the return on investment of your home.

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